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About our agency

We work in the tourist business since 1992, having a large experience of more than 10 years of work with its difficulties and achievements. For these years we have mastered several spheres of tourism: visas, tours abroad, cultural exchanges, stages, volunteer work for young people, studies at linguistic courses and in the children's rest camps abroad, invitations in Russia for foreign citizens, organization of the stay in Russia and especially in Perm Region, working out our own tourist itineraries in Russia and in Perm region, including not only cultural visits but also active rest.

An important supplementary service that we provide for our clients are the translations into european (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish) and oriental languages.

In today's work it helps us to provide our clients with complex services of high quality, to find interesting offers for everybody.

Our offers for you are as follows:

Searching a tour by your demand

You have only to give us main lines, to describe your wishes concerning the dates, program, hotel, meals, excursions and we will arrange everything just how you want it with all documents: a contract, an invitation to Russia, tickets, hotel reservation, program of the tour etc.

Universal and complete services

We will think over all details of your trip in your place. Right in our office you will receive an exhaustive consultation beginning from the geography and finishing by all necessary documents, we will make the medical insurance, hotel reservation, we will book travel tickets and meet you at the airport or train station etc.

In our agency we have our own translation bureau. Our qualified translators and interpreters will translate your documents and notarize the translation and assist you with your business negotiations, be your guide in Russia.


We appreciate the trust and confidence of our clients and we arrange carefully every stage of your trip.

All written documents and translations are usually reviewed by more than one translator.

We are very vigilant in the choice of our tour operators in Moscow and of our partners abroad.

Possibility to make up tours in Perm and Perm region for foreign guests

We can say for sure that the tourist agency “Avanta” is one of the most experienced in the field of contacts among exchange families, in the organization of cultural exchanges, because it supported the activities of the French Center of Perm like the performances of French singer Jean-Michel Chevry in Perm 1999 and 2000, or the concerts of amateur chorus “Chorea” from the French city Tours in 2002. We have also organized:

the business trip in France of the Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Perm region Ilya Neustroev and of the President of the Perm regional organization of architects Sergey Shamarin. During their stay they have studied the branches of the social housing, the sphere of the architecture and of the urbanism;

the return visit in Perm in May 2003 of the French architects Isabelle Thauvel and Emmanuel Brochard;

the Ski Jumping Championships (IMC) 1998 in Perm where 66 foreign participants took part;

the participation of amateur groups in foreign festivals and carnivals (“Kolibri” (Humming-bird), “Yarmarka” (Fair), “Uralskiy Khorovod” (Ural round dance), the regional orchestra of the Perm governor conducted by Evgeniy Tveretinov); the trip of the collective of the Sergei Dyaghilev school in Chartres in 1996 for participation in the festival “Dance in the heart” (“Danse au Coeur” in French).

Our agency served the basis for the preparations of the European Amateur Boxing Championships in Perm in 2002 having prepared 100 interpreters volunteers speaking different languages.

We took an active part in the organization of the First International Festival of Martial Arts “Tenturion” in Perm in 2006 and the First All-Russia Indoor Festival of Parkour in 2008. We organized the trips of Vladimir Khudenkikh and his Combat Russe team with support from Marat Khismatullin and “Tentorium” Company to the Festival of Martial Arts in Paris (Universal Sports Palace BERCY) in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2010.

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You can contact us by phone: +7-342-23 77 642, +7-342-23 77 254, +7-342-2 1234 75, or by e-mail.